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An 18th Century Man


Gay Saint Sebastian

When Skuyler disembarked from the boat at Calais, he promised that he would not begrudge himself any new or interesting and exotic titillation that would cross his path.  The passage across the Channel was indeed very rough, so he was looking for a little respite at one of the tea shops that lined the path to the dockside.

A young boy about the age of 15 was offering his services by suggesting that he carry two of my heavy valises, which I gladly relieved myself of.  He was a strapping lad that did not hesitate in the least with lifting my cases, carrying them into the nearest refreshment shop along the dusty path.  He dropped them with a plump and stretched out his hand, expecting a shilling from me.

I gladly acquiesced and gave him a guinea, as he was very good-looking and appealing in physical stature in every way…

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