Georgian Architecture in America


I will begiFrontDoor1_500n with one of the most perfect examples of 18th Century Georgian architecture in America. Since Annapolis, Maryland has one of the highest concentrations of Georgian architecture in North America, it is no surprise that the most exquisite example is the Hammond-Harwood House. The house’s main entrance is reputed to be “the most beautiful door in America”, with outstanding proportion and balance, intricately carved woodwork and classical columns.  This house was designed and built to show the owner’s influence and affluence.  No photography is allowed of the inside of the house, so all interior photos have been taken from the internet and duly accredited.  All exterior photography is my own, taken in April 2014.  The house was designed by an Englishman, William Buckland, apprenticed in London to a prominent cabinetmaker. He immigrated to America to seek better fortunes, apprenticed to George Mason’s brother in Virginia. Many of the details of the house were designed from pattern books that were very popular in the 18th century, the likes of which Chippendale and Abraham Swann, were two of noteworthiness.


Upstairs parlor Ihammond-Harwood website)

Dining room (Hammond-Harwood website)


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